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October Favorite Things: Local Hang Outs

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Once again, I’m linking up with my friend Ashley to discuss my favorite things for October.

Previously, I’ve told you about my local favorite foods, but, for October, I’m highlighting two of my favorite local “spots.”  Two places that are locally owned/operated, offer delicious food, and make great meeting spots for me and my friends!

Spot 1: Jubala Village Coffee

With national/international chain coffee shops popping up on every corner, it appeared that the “local coffee shop” was a forgotten business.  I wasn’t partial to any particular coffee place – whatever was closest was fine with me.

That is, until I found Jubala.

Three words on Jubala’s website describe it perfectly – Coffee. Community. Compassion.  Not only can you enjoy coffee and friends, but Jubala has a fantastic menu.  I’m partial to the apple cinnamon waffle topped with nutella.  The biscuits and apple butter are a great alternative when I need to change it up.

Did I mention that Jubala makes it own syrups for lattes? Which means the pumpkin latte has real pumpkin in it.  Real. pumpkin.

Jubala is owned by a fellow Millbrook alum, and it feels great to know that I’m supporting him and our North Raleigh community when I go to Jubala.

Spot 2: Moonlight Swirl

Frozen yogurt might be one of my favorite things in the world.  Ever.  From the days of loading up my little ice cream bowl at Golden Corral, I should have known that I would have an addiction to soft serve.

Moonlight Swirl is another locally owned shop (with a Millbrook connection!) that offers a high quality product and an awesome atmosphere.

When Moonlight Swirl first opened, it had drawing for an iPod Nano.  You got one entry every time you came in the store.  I won!  I knew all my visits would pay off :)

What’s your October favorite(s)?